Project MTG is an incubator of sorts, whose mission is to foster and promote online MTG communities. We provide services that allow content creators to successfully establish their online presence.

In addition to The Lotus Council, we have recently taken over full operation of the MTG 31 Days of Christmas, which is entering into its third year this fall.


From the kitchen table, to high-stakes GPs and Pro Tours, players from all walks of life will feel at home here. With a panel of 5 dedicated enthusiasts (who each have been playing since 1994) covering all aspects of the game and community, there will be something for everyone.


From the very beginning, Magic: The Gathering has excelled because it has always fostered community and camaraderie. Whether around your friends’ kitchen tables, or at your LGS, the game is about friendship, fun, and maybe a little healthy competition. Where others have fallen by the digital wayside, it is our promise to encourage and participate in returning focus to stewardship. We are dedicated to making this a community that welcomes all and makes a point to grow through charitable works.

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The Lotus Council

The Lotus Council was formed to create a welcoming home for MTG enthusiasts that is safe and inclusive. Their main team consists of 5 members working alongside one another with the community to bring you the best content they can. Please check out what they have to offer, they’d love to have you join them!