About Project MTG

Project MTG exists for players of all skill levels to become better players while also promoting and participating in community outreach. This websites’s focus is around playing the game, having fun, and sharing our decades of experience with the next generation.


From the kitchen table, to high-stakes GPs and Pro Tours, players from all walks of life will feel at home here. With a panel of 5 dedicated enthusiasts (who each have been playing since 1994) covering all aspects of the game and community, there will be something for everyone.


From the very beginning, Magic: The Gathering has excelled because it has always fostered community and camaraderie. Whether around your friends’ kitchen tables, or at your LGS, the game is about friendship, fun, and maybe a little healthy competition. Where others have fallen by the digital wayside, it is our promise to encourage and participate in returning focus to stewardship. We are dedicated to making this a community that welcomes all and makes a point to grow through charitable works.

Meet the Project MTG Management Team:

Alex Duncan

Co-Founder & CEO

Welcome to our brainchild Project MTG and I would personally thank you for checking us out and give you an insight into us individually. I'm Alex, co-founder and CEO, but those are just words and acronyms. What I am, is a life long player of MTG who last year had my life profoundly changed multiple times and I would have never expected that it would be my passion for the game and community it fosters that would be the Saving Grace for me. Before I go into detail, I want to point out it was this personal profound experience that drove me to push for the creation of this project. The community of magic has given me more than people will ever know and am compelled to make that community available to anyone who wants to be involved. Let us band together the way we tackle the meta game to tackle growing this amazing community, because the collective mind that is Magic players is capable of anything together.


From being the living punching bag for play testing at the age or 9 and 10, to sitting down at my first PPTQ and Grand Prix at the age 30, the game has been a huge part of my life. It was however when I suffered a series of personal and physical setbacks, that my passion for MTG became so much more than a game to me, but a support group. Thus I was compelled to make the gaming community as available as possible for everyone, while helping us all take our skills next level. On that note, I do want to remind folks we are only human, I by no means know even a fraction of the entirety that is MTG, or the best player out there. What I am, and we are all about here at Project MTG, is fun and community. Join us as we grow and remember, we are doing it for you, the players.

Email: alex@projectmtg.com

Koert Spears

Co-Founder & CMO

I've been playing Magic since I was 11 years old. I enjoy talking Magic, covering just about any topic (gameplay, deckbuilding, finance, rumors, etc.). Should you have any suggestions, or just want to chat, feel free to send me an email!

One of the driving forces behind our mission is the turmoil we witnessed in the Magic community over the last half of 2017. Without going into any of the specifics, Alex and I decided we wanted to be part of a solution that helped foster the Magic community. With that goal in mind, we began the behind the scenes work to bring this project to life. After months of planning, we've launched our online presence including spaces on just about every social media outlet, including; Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, SnapChat, & Instagram. 

We look forward to working hard to bring you the content you want to see, as well as performing community outreach along the way.



Email: koert@projectmtg.com

Community Outreach

Project MTG prides itself on its outreach activities in helping to not only bring new players to the game,

but helping out newer players. We have a few ways in which we achieve these goals:

Friday Night Magic

We sponsor new/newer players to attend an FNM draft or sealed event free of charge

Pre-Release Events

We sponsor new/newer players to attend a sealed pre-release event free of charge

Magic Clubs

We sponsor new Magic clubs that are looking to start up

New Players

We provide sealed product as well as a custom-tuned Planeswalker deck

If you would like to help us in our mission, please consider backing us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/projectmtg.

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