Magic: The Gathering Arena enters new beta phase on 3/22/18

Starting Thursday, WoTC will be launching a significant update in the Magic: The Gathering Arena Closed Beta, as well as lifting the nondisclosure agreement (NDA), allowing and encouraging players to stream and share MTG Arena content and gameplay.

With this new phase of the Closed Beta comes a number of new functionalities, updates, changes, and tests, including:

  • More Invites – Inviting 100,000 more players into the game in the next few weeks and giving out more Closed Beta access codes.

  • New Starting Collections – To test new starting collections, including 10 preconstructed decks, they'll be instituting an account wipe.

  • Amonkhet Block – The addition of Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation cards to the game.

More Invites

If you haven't already signed up for the Closed Beta, now is the best time since sign-ups began.

You should also watch for people streaming the game on Twitch or talking about it on social channels, as WoTC will be distributing access codes to Magic fans to invite people who don't yet have access.

New Starting Collections

As part of this update, WoTC is wiping all current player accounts in order to test the effects of new starting collections.

What this means is that any cards, gold, or packs earned in current player accounts will be removed. But that doesn't mean everyone will be starting with nothing. Here is what they'll be testing in starting collections:

  • Ten preconstructed decks, with more than 300 unique Magic cards. Check out the decklists here.

  • Three packs each of Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Ixalan, and Rivals of Ixalan.

  • One rare Wildcard, two uncommon Wildcards, and four common Wildcards.

Amonkhet & Hour of Devastation

All cards from the Amonkhet block (Amonkhet + Hour of Devastation) will be added and available on MTG Arena. Some Amonkhet block cards will be included in your starting collection, and you can always get them through packs or by redeeming Wildcards.

Project MTG will be streaming Arena starting on Thursday evening (3/22). Come join us at!

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