Standard Deck Tech - Grixis Pirates

Hostage Taker is the star of this casual tabletop deck. Hostage Taker slots nicely into this deck, synergizing well with Siren's Ruse & Forerunner of the Coalition.

Hostage Taker on its own is just a fun card to drop, especially if your opponent has dropped a Legendary Dino, or just taking whatever your opponent's best creature is.

You ultimately want to be able to cast whatever you take right away, but if you can't, Dive Down (sideboard, but probably should be in the main) will allow you to protect your Hostage Taker.

Once you have Hostage Taker in play, and have played the card you stole, cast Siren's Ruse. Ideally, you'll have one or more Forerunner of the Coalition in play. This allows you to "blink" Hostage Taker, thereby stealing another artifact or creature from your opponent, they lose 1 or more life, and you get to draw a card!

Another way I'll play Siren's Ruse, depending on board-state, is blinking a Forerunner of the Coalition to pull either a Deadeye Brawler, or a Hostage Taker.

I definitely wouldn't consider this an aggro deck, definitely more mid-range. We have a few options in dealing with early threats from opponents:

Moment of Craving allows you to not only get rid of some of your opponent's early creatures, but you gain 2 life as well.

Vona's Hunger, while utilized better when you have the City's Blessing, can be used in a pinch to make your opponent sacrifice a creature.

Warkite Marauder is nice for when you're swinging wide, as they basically nullify one of your opponent's creatures.

Kitesail Freebooter is an excellent inclusion to remove some spells from your opponent's hand early

Dire Fleet Neckbreaker is an auto-include as he pumps all of your other Pirates when they're attacking.

Dire Fleet Captain is nice at a CMC of just 2. He gets +1/+1 until end of turn for each other attacking pirate.

Deadeye Brawler is a great blocker at 2/4 with Deathtouch. Definitely makes people think twice about attacking.

Dire Fleet Poisoner allows you to Flash him in and give Deathtouch and +1/+1 to another pirate you control until end of turn.

Last, but not least, I threw Admiral Beckett Brass in for some added fun. Because who doesn't love more ways to steal their opponent's permanents?!

Full Decklist:

Are you running Pirates in Standard right now? We'd love to see your take on it!

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